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Group exercise classes foster community while working to achieve improved health and quality of life.

Group Classes

Below are some of the group programs we’ve organized. Click on each to find out more. New classes will be announced. 


The Feet Focus Group Class is designed to increase awareness of the care of the feet.

Back Pain Classes

Almost everyone we have come across have complained of a back pain before.


Increased productivity levels are constantly encouraged at the workplace.

Men's Health

It is important to pay attention to the mental, physical, emotional, and financial well-being of the men in our lives.


Pidgin Animated Balance Exercises

Hausa Animated Balance Exercises

Yoruba Animated Balance Exercises

Igbo Animated Balance Exercises

About Us

In other words, you can refer yourself to a Physiotherapist. While that is good, there is even something better – Community Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist can come to you in your space, to attend to you. You do not have to go to the therapist. What’s more? You are getting the best they have to offer as if you were in the clinic. Community physiotherapy is also very interesting as it addresses a vast range of conditions using physical therapy modalities, physical activity, health education, awareness, and promotion.

Community Physio, short for, Community Physiotherapy, aims to bring physiotherapy closer to you. In Nigeria, we have lots of physiotherapists, however, my experience spanning about eight (8) years of practice shows just how little is known of the profession by the very people who need them the most – you.

This website hopes to bridge that gap, answer your questions, teach you new things, engage you as a community and bring you one step closer to a physiotherapist.